The CISO Experience - Mike Miller

The Speakers

Together with CISO and pentester mentor Mike Miller, Simon L. organised this event. The conversation focused on Mike’s experience mentoring individuals throughout time and his career path in cybersecurity! Additionally, Mike also addressed how to leverage the LinkedIn platform to create a community and establish your own brand.

Our top hit points are as follows

Persistence and Consistency

Passion is key to what you do! In Mike Miller’s own words, he was a ‘Yes Man’ always seeking out challenges and doing things he thought were not his cup of tea.

Biggest Mistake one makes

People often make the mistake of ‘forgetting to help themselves’. Being helpful to your team and community is great until you forget to grow yourself.

‘You can be a great person, but reach nowhere’. It is important for you to keep doing what you are doing if it benefits you as well as others; otherwise, you are just wasting your time.


All of us are salespeople trying to sell our skills at the end of the day. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with people and engage with them to build your own brand.

You can do this not necessarily by posting or writing but by interacting with them through comments or messages, basically engaging with them.

How to improve your business?

Logos don’t sell. Trust has to be built in people for them to trust you.

Talk with them about how you can make them more secure instead of selling them your product. Brands are destroyed when people sell themselves too easily!

About Mike’s book

There are two parts to Mike’s book: the first one is about ‘How to Break into Cybersecurity,’ and the second part deals with branding. Be recession-proof by branding yourself.

Also, Mike mentioned how important it is to have a disaster recovery plan for yourself in case you lose your job.

The event is also a very light-hearted conversation between Simon and Mike.
We hope you got a good sense of what was discussed at the event.
It would be our pleasure to save you time. Do let us know if you need a summary of any events coming up, and I will try my best to accommodate you.


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