Hey there!

Here’s a small handbook on what Scale To Zero actually is!

Scale To Zero will bring Curious minds and Experts together in a space where no security questions will be left unanswered!

How will this work?

Ask your questions and we’ll get an Expert to find an answer for you!  An expert will be contacted and asked the questions submitted by curious professionals like you. It will be easier for you to find a concise and direct answer because each video will only be 5 minutes long.

What do you have to do?

Fill out the form with your contact details and submit your question

We will put together these questions and connect to an Expert. We will give you a shoutout when your question gets answered.


How will we know, if our question is answered?

We will gather your questions and forward them to an Expert who will answer them over a Zoom call that will be recorded. As soon as the video is ready, we will send it to you using your contact information, and we will also give you a shoutout in the video.

Could you please provide us with some sample questions?

  1. We are just starting to tighten Cloud security in our Fintech company. How to prepare a plan? We do not have a dedicated CISO but do have 1 security engineer.
  2. What should we do if my data gets hacked?
  3. What are the must-have compliance requirements?

How many questions can we submit at once?

You may submit as many questions as you like.

How and where will the videos be posted?

Once we connect to an Expert, we take these questions to them and get them answered on a Zoom call which will be recorded, edited, and then posted on our social media handles.